Do you cater for all of your customers?

1 in 100 people in the UK suffer from Coeliacs disease. This isn't an allergen or an intolerance; it's an autoimmune disease. Eating even the smallest amount of gluten can have serious medical consequences. So, contamination of gluten free food must be avoided if those with Coeliac disease can eat it safely. 

As many as 80% of Coelaic sufferers say their need for a gluten free option determines where they eat.

In addition, there are other significant conditions such as IBS that can be caused by intolerances to wheat. 

In a large or busy restaurant or cafe, it's difficult or even impossible to make desserts in house, without the risk of contamination. This is where we can help you . 

Lifestyle choices

Add this to the lifestyle decisions that customers are making, many reducing or eliminating gluten and wheat from their diet by choice, and there may be a huge gap in what you can offer.

Increase your revenue

It's estimated that the catering industry loses out on over £100 million annually simply through not catering for those who can't eat gluten. The desserts we make taste delicious. You'd never know that they are gluten free. By appealing to a wider audience, you can also increase your revenue.

Make it simple!

At SLAB, we've created a range of classic puddings to complement your menu. All of our products are hand made with love, in our gluten free kitchen in Manchester.   

We don't use refined sugar in our desserts, but opt for substitutes including rice and fruit syrups, molasses, honey and date syrup. These have the added benefit of being higher in vitamins such as B6, B12 and vitamin C, plus minerals including calcium, potassium, zinc  and iron. Other gluten free products are typically high in sugar.  

We can also  provide free training support for your staff on coeliac's disease, how to handle food stuffs correctly and how to help customers with  menu choices.

Only the best will do

We use only the  best ingredients, including organic cacao, free range eggs and home made stem ginger and natural flavourings. The flour substitutes we use include rice flour, chestnut flour, and ground almonds. 

These all ensure that we deliver on our promise of quality, delicious desserts that we like to enjoy too.