Our Product Range

'The Original' chocolate brownie


Our American style brownies are deliciously moist and fudgy, not cake like at all. We also make :

chocolate with walnuts

chocolate and sour cherry

sticky toffee pudding


 In its own rich toffee sauce, our sticky toffee pudding is light,  not stodgy like some others, and made with plenty of  dates. 

ginger cake


 Light and  with a bite!. We make our own stemmed ginger that's laced through the sponge and drizzled on top. 

orange and pistachio polenta cake


Our award winning, light polenta cake, with a subtle orange flavour.

We also make a wonderfully fresh lemon and lime polenta  cake.

apple and cinnamon crumble


Crammed with chunks of  fruit, lightly spiced, and finished with a generous layer of crumble. 

rhubarb and cardamom crumble


A traditional crumble fused with spices to give a twist.

and there's more...


Fancy your own bespoke dessert?

We can create a dessert just for you, based on one of the products in our range. This bespoke dessert would only be available through your outlets. 

So, you may want to add a hit of extra spice or a twist of fruit. There's lots of options, so to find out more, give us a call.